Keep The Hives Alive: Educate, Advocate, Take Action

Help us Keep the Hives Alive    

Support the work of the Pollinator Stewardship Council. Hold a House Party for friends and family; feature the Keep the Hives Alive film for your co-workers at lunch; show “Keep the Hives Alive” at your next “Salon” or Book Club meeting.

Host A Hive or Honey Party  my honey jars
    Invite friends and family to your home ( sample Honey Party  invitation;  sample Buzz on in invitation)
    Show the Keep the Hives Alive Primer

    Show the Keep the Hives Alive Tour Documentary  (How to Host a Screening of the Tour documentary)


    Choose party activities:

        Ask everyone to bring a jar of local honey (the label on the jar must state the origin of the honey)
        Hold a honey tasting by sampling the different honey with fruit, crackers (with and without salt), bread, and more, and experience the different floral flavors brought out by the different food selections. Learn more about honey tasting
        Feature foods that must be pollinated 

        Learn about your own State Pollinator Protection Plan here
              Share it with your family and friends
              Each family member or friend can do one action from the State Pollinator Protection Plan.
              Print this PDF and learn 10 ways to protect bees from pesticides  

     Social media: 

     Post photos of your Hive Party, pollinator habitat, native bees, and honey bees on social media #Keepthehivesalive or our Facebook page

      Support our work:

    Pass the hat at your Hive Party to support our work to defend managed and native pollinators vital to an affordable and sustainable food supply from the adverse impact of pesticides.
        Submit your donations here or mail your Hive Party donations to Pollinator Stewardship Council, 1624 Idlewood Ave., Akron, OH 44313