Our Accomplishments during 2016

2016: Our Accomplishments for Honey Bees and Beekeepers
The mission of the Pollinator Stewardship Council is to defend managed and native pollinators vital to a sustainable and affordable food supply from the adverse impact of pesticides.  To review our accomplishments select this link


General statistics:
•    Quick Guides to Reporting a Bee Kill 906 distributed  (generously printed/laminated by Bee Culture magazine
•    Collected and filed bee kill reports for beekeepers16
•    Presentations to local, state, national beekeeping and other stakeholder groups- 34
•    2,870 people spoke with our Program Director at our exhibit tables or listened to presentations at events during 2016
•    Program Director invested an average of 58.29 weekly work hours, and 6.54 average days worked per week during 2016.

We act on our mission through our program activities.
o    Advocacy at the national and state level creating 14 action letters on beekeeper issues for our members and the public to send to EPA, USDA, and one state.
o    Assist our members and stakeholders with interactions with local utility companies and their action on ROW land; and with research on pesticides.
o    Provide direct education about beekeeping association management and nonprofits to four beekeeping club member groups.  
o    Our Program Director and Board members participated in EPA advisory committees, and other bee industry Boards and committees. The Program Director serves on seven of these committees. The Program Director is also the Treasurer of Ohio State Beekeepers Assn., and a Board Member at Large for the Medina County Beekeepers Assn..  She served on the PPDC incidents reporting committee reviewing the data points in pesticide incident data collection.  She was nominated to serve on the PPDC Pollinator Plan Metrics Workgroup Committee to determine the evaluation of State Pollinator Plans.
o    We worked with journalists connecting them to individual beekeepers, state beekeeping leaders, and to convey the concerns of beekeepers for the health of their honey bees.
o    We received media coverage in more than 21 online or print media outlets during 2016.