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The goal of the tour is to educate the public of the dangers of bee-toxic pesticides; share the stories of beekeepers whose livelihoods have been jeopardized (and some lost) by the continued use of these products; and urge our EPA to take action to protect the health of pollinators.  We still need your support: attend an event, speak out, donate to the tour!

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Why a bee tour?
Honey bees are dying at an alarming rate. Research shows bee-toxic pesticides are a leading contributor to their decline. Beekeepers need a healthier environment for bees! Beekeepers, consumers, environmentalists, food advocates, and everyone who enjoys fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seeds are organizing a tour across the country to raise awareness about the plight of pollinators. Honey bees and native pollinators are a national resource that make one in three bites of food possible. We will travel across the United States before and during National Pollinator Week educating the public about pollinator decline, and how we all can work together to protect our pollinators. Be a champion for bees and beekeepers! Donate to the tour to help beekeepers urge the government to protect beekeepers, honey bees, butterflies, birds, and native pollinators.


Bee kill in almond orchard in 2013 from spray oil and fertilizer.

almond orchard kill spring 2013 by spray oil. liq. fertilizer, and herbicides-from ABF Journal








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Attend An Event
We want beekeepers, consumers, food advocates, environmental advocates, and anyone who cares about the future of our food supply and our planet, to attend events across the country. 


Write an Op-Ed for your local news outlet

In order to increase awareness, write an op-ed for your local news outlet explaining the ways in which pollinators contribute to your life, your garden, your farm, your wild lands.

[accordion title="Beekeepers, Share Your Story, your pictures, your video  . . ."] We will be gathering stories from beekeepers across the country to document local stories of beekeepers and their local concerns with Keeping their Hives Alive. Send us your personal story regarding this issue and we’ll share it on the tour website, social media, and with the media. If you have pictures to contribute, please share those too at .

Pictures must be owned by you, and not protected under another’s copyright. By sending photos to this email you grant permission for the Keep Hives Alive Tour to reproduce this photograph or video on their webpage, Indiegogo page, Twitter, Snapchat, and similar social media formats. Your photo may be reproduced and used in conjunction with activities of the Keep Hives Alive Tour  with no compensation of any kind remitted to you for use of your photo or video. By sending us a photo or video you grant us permission to reference you as the photographer of the photo / video. Not all submitted videos or photos may be posted, printed, or otherwise displayed in relation to the Keep Hives Alive Tour  due to poor digital quality, corrupted file, a copyright dispute of the photo/video, legal concerns with the photo/video, or the photo/video is not applicable to the Keep Hives Alive Tour, as well as similar electronic, digital, conceptual, legal concerns.

Tell your friends, Be A Part of the Tour, Celebrate bees

Encourage members of your beekeeping community and anyone else who has a vested interest in a healthy future of food and the environment to get involved.  Children are welcome at events and we encourage creativity and costumes! 


Spread the word, show your support, take action from your desktop
If you can’t attend one of the scheduled events, or there are no events near you, please get involved in one or more of the following ways:

Spread the word about the tour by sharing links to our website and social media pages

    • Post pictures with #KeepHivesAlive and explain why bees are important to you or why you want to see stricter regulation of the use of bee-toxic pesticides.
    • Are you a beekeeper? Share stories and photos of your experience with Keeping Hives Alive to be displayed on our webpage at this link.
    • express your concerns to EPA, Congress, and USDA.  We’ll have links soon.




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By donating to the Tour, you will be a champion for bees and beekeepers! Encourage members of your community, and anyone who values pollinators and their contribution to crop yields and sustainable agriculture to support the Keep the Hives Alive Tour. We need our bees! If you have a vested interest in a healthy future of food and the environment, your donation to the tour will help Keep the Hives Alive. Every donation counts! Your donation will support all aspects of the tour including promotional materials, event support at each tour stop, filming the tour and creating informational videos, and much more! Once you donate please make sure to follow the tour updates.



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The Tour plan is still in development. Watch this space

for details of the Tour Schedule!

Tour Schedule 2016
June 13th:  Blue Dasher Farm, Brookings, SD

June 14th: Minneapolis, MN

June 16th: Ann Arbor, MI

June 16th: Detroit, MI

June 18th: Lewisburg, PA

June 20: Triangle Park, NC

June 22nd-23rd: Washington, D.C.



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Tour Supporters
We are a group of beekeepers, consumers, environmental and food advocates, demanding strong action be taken to regulate, and restrict the use of bee-toxic pesticides that harm pollinators and the environment.


Old Mill Honey Company

California-Minnesota Honey Farm

Center for Food Safety

Friends of the Earth

Natural Resources Defense Council

Organic Consumers Association

Toxic Free North Carolina

Pollinate Minnesota

The Ecology Center

Center for Biological Diversity

Beyond Pesticides

Pesticide Action Network of North America

Student Action with Farmworkers

Environment North Carolina

North Carolina Interfaith Power and Light

Dogwood Alliance


American Bird Conservancy

Beyond Toxics

Environment America

League of Conservation Voters

Sierra Rise

Green America

Endangered Species Coalition

Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides


Maryland Pesticide Network

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