Our Accomplishments during 2015

2015: Our Accomplishments for Honey Bees and Beekeepers
The mission of the Pollinator Stewardship Council is to defend managed and native pollinators vital to a sustainable and affordable food supply from the adverse impact of pesticides.  We accomplish this through three objectives.  Our work during 2015 is detailed below each objective.

Raise awareness about the adverse impact of pesticides on pollinators critical to the supply of food and the ecosystem.
Education programs
•    32 programs provided to local, state, and national beekeeping, gardening, soil and water conservation groups, and conferences across the U.S. reaching 4,396 people.

Participate in Honey Bee Health Coalition
•    nonprofit partner for The Bee Understanding Project
•    Co-lead of Outreach and Education workgroup of the Coalition
•    Member of the Crop Pest Management Workgroup of the Coalition
•    Member of the subgroup to develop a Symposium for Managed Pollinator Plans

Board member for Apimondia USA Bid for 2019

Support letters for researchers and projects
•    Dr. Jerry Bromenshenk, Bee Alert Technology, Inc.
•    Lowcountry Pollinator Park, Planetarium, & Observatory, North Carolina
•    Dr. Louisa A. Hooven, Oregon State University
•    Ohio State Beekeepers Assn., Better Beekeeper Series
•    Indiana State Beekeepers Assn. & Indiana Beekeepers Assn. merger support letter

Provide advocacy, guidance, and tools to document the detrimental effect of pesticides on pollinators.
•    Assist with bee kill reporting, creating a map for reported bee kills on our website
•    Bee Culture magazine generously printed and laminated 1000 copies of the Quick Guide to Reporting A Bee Kill, and those 1000 Guides were distributed by Pollinator Stewardship Council at conferences and via mail within seven months.
•    Continue to share our Neonic label analysis
•    Assist Kentucky beekeeper sprayed with herbicide in reporting to State and Federal EPA, and to the herbicide Manufacturer
•    Assist Indiana beekeeper with reducing herbicide on ROW land
•    Collaborate with local beekeepers to develop habitat projects through the GRO1000 grants
•    Secure grant funding and collaborate with Squire Valleevue Farm to provide pollinator strips on a working, educational farm
•    Secure grant funding and collaborate with Ohio State Beekeepers Assn. and Medina County Beekeepers Assn. and corporations to create 33 acres of pollinator habitat
•    Provide education and presentation materials to beekeepers in Oregon, Maryland, Texas, Iowa, Michigan, Long Island, Massachusetts, Indiana, Kentucky, California, and Illinois
•    Connect a California school group with beekeepers for education and a community project
•    Submitted 23 news releases and/or collaborated on articles
•    Wrote 12 articles for Bee Culture magazine
•    Wrote 27 Pollinator Newsletters

Affect regulatory processes of pesticide risk assessment, label, and enforcement.
•    Won an administrative legal action in the Ninth Circuit Court and had the registration of Sulfoxaflor “vacated and remanded.”
•    Bee Hauler support letter to USDOT
•    Bees: Mitigating Exposure from Acutely Toxic Pesticide Products comment letter to EPA
•    Oxalic Acid registration support letter to EPA
•    Clothianidin Experimental Use comment letter to EPA
•    Support letter for USDA Scientists
•    Support local legislative education and action of beekeepers in Massachusetts
•    Board member participation on Pesticide Program Dialog Committee & National Honey Bee Advisory Board
•    Provide education and support of local beekeeper activities for State Pollinator Plan process in Maryland, Nevada, Massachusetts, and New York

Thank you!

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The Pollinator Stewardship Council expresses gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to its donors, new members, and in-kind donors for their support during 2015.  Whether it is the generosity of quilter, Hope Johnson (http://vermontquiltbee.com/quilts.html) donating her artistry; donors purchasing seeds at our conference tables or through our website; (Ohio Prairie Nursery contributes to our work with every purchase of seeds from us or through our website.); artist, Christine Gorbach  (http://christine.gorbach.org/CGbio.html) who created a backdrop for our conference booth, Beth Conrey donating a laptop for our subscriber drawing, and previous donors now becoming members, all donations make an impact, and help us support our work for pollinators and beekeepers.  We especially wish to thank Bee Culture magazine for helping us share our work for beekeepers with beekeepers during 2015.  Working together we can improve the health of our honey bees, native pollinators, and maintain an affordable and sustainable food supply for all.


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