Bee Heroic Project

Bee Heroic is a Colorado based action organization that hosts a series of hands-on, minds-on Colorado Beesustainable/organic/(eco-friendly) local (SOL) focused events and projects.  We work with regional SOL – food and product – vendors and venues, informing communities about the problems and solutions related to the bee-human connection.  This both encourages people to live a bee-friendly lifestyle, and gives them business and lifestyle resources to find what they need.  Support us in our mission to expose and mend problems that will result in the loss of bee and other vital insect populations.  Whether you’d like to support our Swarm event, Buzz Events, or be a Brews and Bees monthly sponsor, we love that you love the bees!  Learn more at


Bee Heroic Action through Outreach

Bee Heroic Action through Outreach is a project designed to expose the problems and influences associated with colony collapse/failure-to-thrive in bee populations, and let the public know how those problems affect humans – and all life on our delicate planet – as well.  We are hoping to raise more than enough money in our budget to both host these outreach projects and pass on our profits to other heroic projects that protect the Earth’s bees and climate.  For more information please contact Nikki Florio: Bee Heroic Project Manager:

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Pollinator Stewardship Council is the fiscal agent for the Bee Heroic Project.

The Bee Heroic Project is a member of the Pollinator Stewardship Council

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