Our members support our work, benefit from our work, and collaborate with us for local, state, and national solutions to defending managed and native pollinators vital to a sustainable and affordable food supply from the adverse impact of pesticides.  Together we will make a difference!


Butterfly Pavilion
A.H. Meyer & Sons, Inc.
People and Pollinators Action Network
Seib’s Hoosier Honey
Strachan Apiaries
Sunshine Apiary, Inc.
Tennessee Beekeepers Assn.
Empire State Honey Producers Assn.
Smith Farm Pure Honey
Randy Oliver
Browning’s Honey Co., Inc.
Wilson County Beekeepers Assn.
Hackenberg Apiaries
Nashville Area Beekeepers Assn.
Delta Bee Club
Colorado State Beekeepers Assn.
Heartland Apicultural Society
Beekeepers of Middle Tennessee
Northern Kentucky Beekeepers Assn.
Clarksville Montgomery County Beekeeping Assn.
Old Mill Honey Co.
Foothill Honey Farm
Wind River Honey Co.
Miksa Honey Farms
California-Minnesota Honey Farms
Rick Smith
Bob McDonell
Samuel Hall
Headwaters Farm
Hiatt Honey, LLC
South Dakota Beekeepers Assn.
Bret Adee
Indian Run Apiary
California Apiaries, LLC
Harmony Honey Co.
Red- Headed Honey
Sunrise Feed & Supply
Kentucky State Beekeepers Association
Essex County Beekeepers’ Assn.
Los Angeles County Beekeepers Assn.
Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Assn. Http://
The Studio Digital
Beekeeping Insurance Services
Crop Pollination Association of Australia
Cox Honey of Utah
Michigan Commercial Beekeepers Assn.
Northern Nevada Beekeepers Assn.
Louisiana Beekeepers Assn.
Lee’s Bees
Bob Brandi Honey & Farming
Wyoming Beekeepers Association
The Beekeepers of Indiana







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Pollinator Stewardship Council, Inc.

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