Member of the Honey Bee Health Coalition

HBHC LogoThe Pollinator Stewardship Council is a member of the Honey Bee Health Coalition.  We serve on two of the four work groups, and are the co-lead of the Outreach, Education, and Communications work group.

For information about the Honey Bee Health Coalition visit the following link:

Honey Bee Health Coalition (HBHC)

Tools for Varroa Management
Quick Guide to Reporting A Bee Kill 



“The Coalition is a very big tent of the people with the most at stake in honey bee health. More than 30 organizations from across the food chain – beekeepers, seed companies, growers, farmers, crop protection companies, agribusinesses, food processors, food distributors, retailers, environmentalists, regulators, scientists, academics – have come together to roll up their sleeves, find and scale up solutions that work, and invest in new initiatives. We are tackling the multiple factors that impact honey bee health. Our collective goal: improve bee health and protect the future of honey bees and the food supply, while also benefiting other native and managed pollinators.”

“The future security of America’s food supply depends on healthy honey bees.” Tom Vilsack, U.S. Agriculture Secretary

Healthy Bees, Healthy People, Healthy Planet