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It’s the mites because . . .

Bee Health Is Not Just About Numbers of Hives

New film promotes pollinator protection–Keep the Hives Alive

Mites down but bee losses remain unsustainable

Honey Bee Increases Are Fleeting

Pesticide Coated Seeds Still Not Regulated

Sulfoxaflor Re-Registered

Federal Survey of Honey Bee Losses (May 2016)

Smart on Pesticides- Maryland Response to Bee Loss Survey (May 2016)

Voluntary, Anecdotal Research Released- May 2016 (Bee losses 44.1%)

Cumulative Effects of Research Suppression at USDA

Independence of Scientists is Integral to Quality Science

Read our January 2014  to January 2015 articles in Bee Culture magazine

Our analysis of the Neonicotinoid pesticide label

How to Help Bees and Other Pollinators 

Listen to the Program Director on “To The Point,” from KCRW 89.9

Proposed New Rule Does Not Protect Pollinators

Florida Lost 20% of Honey Bee Colonies

Federal Strategy “Enhances” Pollinator Health

Bee Losses Are Not Sustainable

No Quick Solutions to Pollinator Health Issues

Additional information relative to the above news release

         Subcommittee on Biotechnology, Horticulture, and Research – Public                        Hearing, May 13, 2015 1:30pm /subcommittee-biotechnology-horticulture-and-research-%E2%80%93-public-hearing-0

Catch The Buzz: Honey Bee Health Hits Congress, EPA and The White House. You’d Think Something Would Get Done, Wouldn’t You?


USDA Must Protect Its Scientists

EPA Decision Conflicting April 2015

Listen to the hearing in the 9th Circuit Court concerning Sulfoxaflor
Pollinator Stewardship Council, et al v. USEPA, et al
Case # 13-72346        Hearing date: 4-14-15

White House Task Force Asked to Review and Re-assess

 GRO1000 grant awarded

 Honey Bee Forage and Nutrition Summit: USDA Proposes a “Band-Aid on a Cancer”

Beekeepers Must Move Bees

Waiting for the full report on bee losses

HR 5447- the varroa mite bill


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