Our accomplishments during 2014

How your donations helped us work for beekeepers and protect managed and native pollinators

1.)    Affect regulatory processes of pesticide risk assessment, label, and enforcement.
We accomplish(ed) this objective through:
•    tours of beekeeping operations and pollination sites with State and federal EPA
      o    August 2014 tour of North and South Dakota commercial beekeeping operations with Jim Jones, Assistant Administrator for EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention and Jack Housenger, director of EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs.
•    hold meetings individually with EPA officials;
      o    set-up meeting with EPA and beekeepers after almond pollination bee kill in Los Banos, CA 3-23-14
      o    Meet with Robert Miller of EPA concerning bee kill reporting 3-26-14
•    submit comments to EPA dockets:
      o    FIFRA SAP nominees
      o    Reply to EPAs responses to public comments of Cyantraniliprole
      o    submit comments to committee concerning “Secret Science”  H.B. bill 4017
      o    Compose letter for APHIS public comment on docket #APHIS -2014-0007, determination of non-regulated status of maize genetically engineered for protection against corn root worm and resistance to glyphosate”
•    participate in state and federal committees:
      o    SETAC (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry)
      o    PPDC (Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee of the EPA)
      o    PPWC (Pollinator Protection Workgroup of the EPA)
      o    Board members attended Varroa Summit, Feb. 18-19
      o    Honey Bee Health Coalition
•    continue with the Appeal over the registration of sulfoxaflor;
      o    review Sulfoxaflor additional uses and provide legal comment
•    Board members attended White House meeting on Pollinator Health-May 2014
•    seek the definitions of EPA label language;
      o    Jan. 22, 2014 letter to Jim Jones at EPA concerning new harmonized label language
      o    letter to Congressional oversight committees and EPA Inspector General
•    provide legislator education of pollinator concerns and issues
      o    participate in Congressional briefing with Center for Food Safety in Washington D.C.; meet with legislators and other advocacy groups
      o    develop action letters to EPA and Congress in support of honey bee and native pollinator issues
•    utilize multiple legal strategies available to agricultural commodity entities in order to affect the regulatory process to protect pollinators.
      o    letter of support for Santa Barbara Beekeepers sponsorship of AB 1789  “Pesticides: neonicotinoids; reevaluation: determination” (Feb. 2014)
      o    worked with local beekeepers to generate support for Bill with their legislators
      o    Create an action letter for Calif. AB 1789 for Calif. Senators
      o    support letter for Minnesota legislation bills 2908 and 2727
      o    support letter for Ohio “Save the Honey Bee” license plate; bill passed the House; story in PSC Newsletter
      o    Take action in support of HR 4790- Highways BEE Act- thru Newsletter and Facebook
      o    create action letters for Highways BEE Act, Thank the President for pollinator initiative, Saving America’s Pollinator Act, PSC Resolutions
      o    sent letter to White House encouraging them to include beekeepers on Presidential task forces

2.)    Provide advocacy, guidance and tools to document the detrimental effect of pesticides on pollinators.
We accomplish(ed) this objective through:
•    Continuing to collect pollinator kill reports from beekeepers and non-beekeepers.  Our goal is to secure the funding to provide pollinator acute kill evidence kits and the lab analysis of acute kills to beekeepers.
      o    collecting bee kill reports from Texas, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, California, New York, Nebraska, Idaho, Missouri, Ohio,  Massachusetts, Oregon, and on-going report collection
      o    seek grant funding and general donations for bee kill evidence kit support
•    We continue to provide educational presentations to state and local bee industry groups, and prospective coalition partners to expand awareness and understanding of our work to protect pollinators from the adverse impact of pesticides.
      o    Jan. 7-10 AHPA and ABF national conference presentations
      o    Jan. 29, 2014-OSU Entomologists presentation
      o    Feb. 15, 2014- Western PA Beekeeping Seminar
      o    Feb. 18, 2014- Beaufort-Jasper, S. Carolina Bee group (via SKYPE)
      o    Feb. 28 & March 1, 2014- Tri-County Beekeepers Assn. workshop
      o    March 7, 2014-Michigan State Beekeepers Assn. presentation
      o    March 8, 2014- Kentucky beekeepers school presentation
      o    March 22, 2014- Massachusetts SBA Spring meeting presentations
      o    March 25-26, 2014- Congressional briefings in D.C.
      o    April 14, 2014-COMB beekeepers presentation
      o    April 16, 2014- Central Ohio beekeepers assn. presentation
      o    April 22, 2014- NW Ohio Beekeepers assn. presentation
      o    April 30, 2014- meeting with Ohio State Apiarist
      o    April 30, 2014-meeting with Ohio rep. of Pheasants and Quail Forever
      o    June 7, 2014- Ohio State Beekeepers summer Conf.
      o    June 19, 2014- East Central Ohio Beekeepers Assn. mtng
      o    July 10-12, 2014- HAS Conference
      o    July 19, 2014- Medina County, Ohio Bee Festival
      o    July 28- Aug. 1, 2014- EAS Conf.
      o    Aug. 14, 2014- presentation to Monsanto in St. Louis, MO
      o    Sept. 20, 2014- Maryland Honey Festival
      o    Oct. 9, 2014- Ohio utility Arborists Assn. Conference, Wooster, OH
      o    Oct. 17, 2014-Madison County Master Gardener 2014 Ohio State Conference
      o    Nov. 3, 2014- Miami University, Ohio- Dr. Alfredo Huerta—two classes
      o    Nov. 1, 2014- Ohio State Beekeepers Assn. Conf.
      o    Nov. 7-8, 2014- Texas State BKA Conf.
      o    Nov. 10, 2014-Collin County, Texas Beekeepers Assn.
      o    Nov. 14 & 15, 2014- Iowa Honey Producers Assn. Fall conference
      o    Nov. 18-20, 2014- Calif. State BKA conference
      o    Seek grant funds for collaborative programs

3.)    Raise awareness about the adverse impact of pesticides on pollinators critical to the supply of food and the ecosystem.
We accomplish(ed) this objective through:
•    Board members involvement in State and national Beekeeping Associations, and our Program Director meets with State and local bee associations listening to beekeepers about their experiences with pesticides, and raising awareness about the impact of pesticides upon pollinators. (see presentation list above as well)
      o    April 30, 2014—Board members attended White House meeting for pollinator issues
      o    June 3-5, 2014 PPDC and Pollinator Workgroup meeting in Wash., D.C. attended by Board member
      o    June 17, 2014- Board President at Food Fair in North Dakota
      o    Aug. 2014- Board member presented at Farm to Table conference in Louisiana

•    We work to expand our stakeholder connections to increase the understanding of the value of pollinators to the nutritious, diverse, and delicious diet we all enjoy.
      o    Seek State Beekeeping Assn. support of our Resolutions to protect pollinators
      o    Develop collaborative program with two Ohio Beekeeping groups and corporate entities to create pollinator habitat on corporate land.
      o    Connect Earthjustice media staff with beekeepers across U.S. to interview for Earth Day article on beekeeping in the US
      o    place  ad in ABF 2014 member directory
      o    place ad in Ohio SBA Summer Conf. program book
      o    place ad in HAS Conf. program book
      o    Place ad in EAS Conf. program book
      o    place ad in WAS Conf. program book
      o    Interview with June Stoyer of Organic View radio
      o    Interview with Eric Ortiz of Sac Bee newspaper re: bee kills in almonds
      o    interview with Sam Levin of East Bay Express re: bees, almonds, label- April 2014
      o    Interview with Vivian Goodman, WKSU reporter at Medina Bee Club work day 4-27-14
      o    Give interview with Hannah Meicklejohn- Michigan NPR student reporter
      o    Interview with  David Gardner of UK Daily Mail 4-28-14
      o    Interview with Dave Reynolds of Inside EPA newsletter end of May 2014
      o    Connect 5-beekeeper young adults with Michael Park freelance reporter
      o    Interview with Yaseen Abutalab of the Boston Globe about bee kill report I shared with them
      o    Interview with WGBH reporter , Marilyn Schairer
      o    Interview with Mary Breckinridge of Beacon Journal-story published 7-12-14
      o    Place ads in Bee Culture and American Beekeeping magazines for the entire year of 2014
      o    write a monthly article for Bee Culture magazine for 2014

•    Work with State beekeeping associations on their issues
      o    Maine beekeepers- neonic moratorium
      o    North Dakota Pollinator Plan public comment (assist with local beekeeper letter)
      o    Santa Barbara beekeepers assn. support letter for AB 1789 to finalize CDPR review of neonics
      o    Support of Little Sandy Beekeepers in KY to educate their co-op electric co. about herbicide use
      o    Support of “Save the Honey Bee” license plate for Ohio which would generate bee research funds; bill passed the House
      o    work with Santa Barbara Beekeepers Assn. to create an action letter for Calif. AB 1789 before their Senate