Fulfilling Our Mission

The EPA is failing to protect pollinators, basing their decisions on politics and economics rather than credible science. Pesticide labeling is the law, but EPA has removed the mandatory protection language. Without mandatory protective guidelines, pollinators will be killed by pesticide misuse.

We encourage the EPA to accelerate the timeline for the re-registration decision of neonic class of pesticides. A moratorium* must be placed on their use on bee attractive plants, until the science can be reviewed. Treated seeds must be declared a pesticide application. (*definition of “moratorium” — “a planned activity is postponed.”)


The Pollinator Stewardship Council collects reports of bee kills caused by pesticides, provides guidance on data reporting and collection, and documents responses by local/State/Federal agencies mandated to protect managed and native pollinators.

Staff and Board members raise awareness throughout the beekeeping community and with other interested groups at the local, State, regional, and national levels. We offer our support through education, documenting pesticide related bee kills, and providing local, State, and national advocacy pertinent to beekeepers.

Regulatory Enforcement
Board members serve on the Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee of the EPA , the Pollinator Protection workgroup of the EPA, the Honey Bee Health Coalition, and other state and national pollinator workgroups, task forces, and coalitions.   Board members provide their expertise and experience at their own expense representing the bee industry, beekeepers, and managed and native pollinators.  We work closely with the American Honey Producers Association, the American Beekeeping Federation, and the National Honey Bee Advisory Board helping to coordinate efforts across the bee industry.

On Petition for Review of an Order of the Environmental Protection Agency (concerning Sulfoxaflor)


The Pollinator Stewardship Council may utilize the same legal avenue used by other commodity groups. If we believe the bee industry’s concerns are not being satisfactorily addressed in relation to federal regulations we may file petitions or appeals to ensure compliance with regulations.


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