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Neonicotinoid registration review

This action is now closed.  Thank you for submitting your comments to the Regulations.gov. The Pollinator Stewardship Council seeks your support and comments concerning the Environmental Protection Agency review of Neonicotinoid pesticides: Imidacloprid, thiamethoxam, clothinanidin, dinotefuran.  Please submit your comments to support regulations which protect honey bees and native pollinators.


EPA Regulations

Thank you to all who took action to ensure EPA regulates pesticides and regulates protections for honey bees and native pollinators.  This comment period closed May 15. 


This action is closed.  Thank you for taking action for Honey Labels

The Pollinator Stewardship Council joins with the American Honey Producers Association concerning new honey nutrition label language.  No matter the number of hives you manage, whether you sell your honey at farmer’s markets, share it with family and friends, or you are NOT even a beekeeper: we all need honey bees!    The Pollinator Stewardship Council is asking you to take action today! 


This action is now closed for 2016 National Pollinator Week!
Share the beekeeper’s voice, and show your support of bees, Honeybee in front yard 2015butterflies, birds, bats, and other pollinators, as well as farmers, beekeepers, farm workers, and consumers.  Let us all work together to protect our food supply, support the pollination of our crops and wild-lands, and strengthen the beekeeping industry, an integral member of the agricultural community.


This action is closed for the registration of the reduced use of sulfoxaflor–DDL: June 17, 2016–Sulfoxaflor: for Reduced Use: Docket EPA-HQ-OPP-2010-0889


This action is closed–DDL: April 14, 2016Imidacloprid Registration Review 

Sample letters you can copy and paste or PDFs you can upload to the docket; send one or all five.  Speak up for our honey bees and native pollinators.

At Regulations.gov, where comments can be submitted to the docket, there is a “5000 character with spaces” limitation in the text box. 

Copy and paste letter text

Two sample letters below are available for you to copy the text, select the link to Regulations.gov, click on the Comment Now button, and paste the text (which is less than 5000 characters) into the text box.  Feel free to edit the sample comments and type your own, just remember you are limited to 5000 characters including spaces.

Research faulty, bee kill reports sketchy

Imidacloprid in water

LINK TO REGULATIONS.GOV and Imidacloprid docket

PDF letters to upload

To use one of the PDF comment letters, simply open the PDF letter, save it to your computer desktop. open the link to Regulations.gov, select the comment now button, type in “see attached” in the text box, and any other comments you wish to make, then UPLOAD the PDF from your computer to the docket (follow the directions in the docket to accomplish this.) 

Imidacloprid cumulative risk cup

Imidacloprid pollen concerns

Imidacloprid research concerns

LINK TO REGULATIONS.GOV and Imidacloprid docket

Please submit your comments by April, 14, 2016- this action is now closed-thank you for taking action.

When you have completed your comment you will see a screen page with your confirmation number.  If you provide your email, Regulations.gov will email you a confirmation.



This action is now closed— DDL: Feb. 11, 2016Sulfoxaflor; Receipt of Application for Emergency Exemption; Docket #: EPA–HQ–OPP–2014–0643

Our Comment letter concerning Sulfoxaflor emergency exemption


DDL: August 28, 2015–Bees; Mitigating Exposure from Acutely Toxic Pesticide Products, Docket #: EPA-HQ-OPP-2014-0818-0003


USDA Must Protect Its Scientists

Support the Highways BEE Act  H.R. 4790

Support the Saving America’s Pollinator Act H.R.  2692

Support the Pollinator Stewardship Council’s Resolutions for Pollinator Health

Thank the President for his creation of a federal strategy  to promote the health of honey bees and other pollinators


Update on previous actions:

Registration was approved by the US EPA for legal use of oxalic acid  to treat for Varroa. Thanks to all who took action and submitted their comments before March 2015-  Oxalic Acid Dihydrate registration for in-hive use.

Comments  closed Feb. 9, 2015 concerning an exemption of the 30-minute rest break provision for certain commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers transporting honey bees.

The Secret Science Reform Act 2014This bill was passed by the House during the 113th Congress (2013-2015), but the bill was never passed by the Senate



This action is now closed- Help Save Massachusetts Bees!

 Here are two ways that you can take action:
Email your comment to the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) by April 30th and urge it to adopt the beekeepers’ pollinator protection plan.

•    More than 3,000 beekeepers across the state worked together to create a Pollinator Protection Plan Framework, but MDAR ignored the beekeeping community’s requests and drafted their own plan that favors the pesticide industry.

Also, please attend a listening session about the State Pollinator Protection Plan and urge MDAR to adopt the beekeepers Pollinator Protection Plan Framework. Listening sessions times and locations:

•    Monday, March 21st, Bristol County Ag High School, 135 Center Street Dighton, 4:00-6:00pm
•    Tuesday, March 22nd, Topsfield Fairgrounds Coolidge Hall, 207 Boston Street, Topsfield 4:00-6:00pm
•    Wednesday, March 23rd, MDAR Office, 101 University Dr., Amherst, 4:00-6:00pm


Tell Massachusetts legislators to protect bees by supporting H. 655 the Massachusetts Pollinator Protection Act  and urging the Department of Agriculture to Adopt the Eight County President’s Beekeepers Pollinator Protection Plan Framework.  Nov. 17, 2015 was the first committee hearing concerning this legislation.  Massachusetts legislators still need to hear from you . . . Only Massachusetts residents may TAKE ACTION HERE


THIS BILL PASSED— Thanks to your support to California Legislators, and the work of the Santa Barbara Beekeepers, this bill passed 8-21-14.   Select the links to view the Senate vote and the legislative history for California AB 1789 “Pesticides: neonicotinoids: reevaluation: determination: control measures”


Massachusetts S. 2159- “An act relative to pesticide applications” Even though more than 100 Massachusetts beekeepers showed their support of this legislation, it did not make it out of committee last year.   The bill (possibly with a new number) will be re-introduced this session.  We are working with Massachusetts beekeepers to help them mobilize again, and to support their local solution to their local issue.


Save the Honey Bee–Ohio License PlateTHIS BILL PASSED the Ohio Legislature thanks to the efforts of Ohio Beekeepers emailing their State Legislators to support the bill.  More than 450 Ohio beekeepers, gardeners, and other bee advocates made their voices heard! The Pollinator Stewardship Council was pleased to be a part of this state effort.


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