Research: Off-target exposures

Dicamba Volatility by Bob Hartzler


Pesticide Risk Mitigation Engine

Inhalation Risk Index White Paper  09/28/2010

Pesticide Spray and Dust Drift

Spray Drift of Pesticides

Production – 303-Minimizing Off-Target Deposition of Pesticide Applications

Formulation Effects and the Off-target Transport of Pyrethroid Insecticides from Urban Hard Surfaces

Protecting the Environment


Crop Pollination Exposes Honey Bees to Pesticides Which Alters Their Susceptibility to the Gut Pathogen Nosema ceranae


Idiopathic brood disease syndrome and queen events as precursors

of colony mortality in migratory beekeeping operations in the eastern United States


Temporal Analysis of the Honey Bee Microbiome Reveals Four Novel Viruses and Seasonal Prevalence of Known Viruses, Nosema, and Crithidia


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