Research: RNAi technology

White Paper on RNAi Technology as a Pesticide: Problem Formulation for Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment, Submitted to the FIFRA Science Advisory Panel For Review and Comment   October 29, 2013;D=EPA-HQ-OPP-2013-0485-0011

RNAi-Based Insecticidal Crops:Potential Effects on Nontarget Species

NHBAB comment letter Oct. 2013

NHBAB response to New York Times article about RNAi technology

New York Times article about RNAI technology and EPA SAP 

RNAi-Based Insecticidal Crops: Potential Effects on Nontarget Species

Role of MicroRNAs in insect host-microorganism interactions;jsessionid=ILvHNGtrnArKyaGu5DRA.20


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