Research: Tank Mixes

tank mix bee kill for newslist

2013 bee kill in almond orchard from tank mix of fertilizer, herbicide, spray oil


Real-world field exposures—TANK MIXES– beyond EPA’s scope

EPA’s Biological & Economic Analysis Division (BEAD)  stated, “Regarding the assessment of honey bee exposure to multiple pesticide mixtures, evaluation of pesticide environmental mixtures to any taxa is considered beyond the scope of the  *EFED assessment  . . .

However, it is acknowledged that not considering mixtures could over- or under- estimate risks depending on the type of interaction and factors discussed above.”

*EFED= Environmental Fate & Effects Division of EPA


A multi-year field study to evaluate the environmental fate and agronomic effects of insecticide mixtures

Bees are more crucial to agriculture than fertilizer

Pesticide Mixtures have Damaging Affects on Bees

How to reduce bee poisoning from pesticides

Relationships of Honey Bees and Pesticides



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