History of Presentations

“Pollinator Stewardship Council: our work to protect pollinators and beekeepers.”


ABF/AHPA/CHC Joint Natl  Conference
ESHPA Strategic Planning
Georgia BKA Conf
Indiana Bee School
Eco Fair- Stark Cty Public Library
Middle TN BKA
Waldorf School, Nashville, TN
Bluegrass Bee School, Frankfort, KY
Roane/Morgan Beekeepers, TN
Massachusetts Bee Conf
ABF webinar
Kent Env Council
Harrison Cty, BKA , OH
Honey Bee Health Coaliton Spring Meeting- IA
Australia Crop Pollination Assn
Summit Cty, OH BKA
Natl Pollinator Week
Heartland Apiculture Society
Medina Bee Festival
Michigan Comm Bee Conf
Eastern Apiculture Society Conference- Delaware
Miami Valley BKA, Troy, OH
St. Mary’s-Poll. Hab.–Mayor
Quad Cities, Iowa Poll. Conf
N. Colorado, Boulder County Beekeepers

Denver Bee

Four Corners Beekeepers
Sandusky River Valley Bekeepers, OH
Clarksville-Montgomery County Beekeepers, TN
Nashville Area Beekeepers, TN
TN Beekeepers Assn. Conf
Beekeepers and Farmers, Manhattan, KS
Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Conf, PA
Ohio State Beekeepers Conf.
ESHPA/ Ontario Beekeepers Conference, Niagara Falls, Canada



American Beekeeping Federation Conference
Food & Growers Conf., Batesville, IN
Pollinator Health & Policy Seminars- Penn State
Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Assn.  Conference
Indiana Bee School
Tri-County Beekeepers Workshop-Wooster
Greenfield, Indiana- SWCD
NASDA/HBHC Symposium on MP3s
Kentucky Bee School
Portage County Beekeepers member meeting
Stark County, OH Public Library
Beekeepers of Middle Tennessee, TN
Wooster Green Fair
Geauga County Beekeepers Field Day
Pollinator Summit, Boulder, Colorado
Ohio Pollinator week Program- Cleveland Botanical Garden
Quad Cities Pollinator Program (Iowa)
Ohio Pollinator Week program- Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus
Ohio Pollinator Week Program- Aullwood Audubon Farm, Dayton
Heartland Apicultural Society Conference, Bowling Green, KY
East Central Ohio Beekeeping Assn.
Honey Festival, Chattanooga, TN
Bee Culture Pollinator Gardens
Kent Elm Garden Club
Tennessee Beekeepers Assn. Conf-report
Greene County Beekeepers, Ohio
B.C. Honey Producers, Vancouver, CA
Cleveland Pollinator Symposium
Ohio State Beekeepers Conf.
Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Assn. Conference
Empire State Honey Producers

American Honey Producers Assn. Conf.
American Beekeeping Fed. Conf.
Western PA Beekeeping Seminar
Mason Valley Beekeepers, NV
Little Sandy, KY Beekeepers
Tri-County, OH Beekeeping Workshop
Indiana State Beekeepers Assn.
Greater Grand Lake Beekeepers -Ohio
Mother Earth News Fair, N.C.
Rocky River, OH Watershed Council
Reg. 14 Ohio Assn. of Garden Clubs
Nelson County, KY Beekeepers
Pollinator Workshop, Indiana
Pierce-Streetsboro Library, OH
Tri-County Beekeepers
Heartland Apicultural Society Conf.
Kent Free Library, OH
Mother Earth News Fair, Wisconsin
Eastern Apicultural Society Conf.
Summit Cty., OH  Soil & Water Conserv. District Mgrs.
Pollinator Garden program at Bee Culture
Dearborn County, Indiana SWCD talk
Tuscarawas (OH) Beekeepers Assn.
Mother Earth News Fair, Pennsylvania
Western Apicultural Society Conf.
Tennessee Beekeepers Assn. Conference
Four Pillars of Beekeeping Mgmt.
Vevay, Indiana SWCD
Iowa Honey Prod. Assn. Winter Mtng.
Empire State Honey Producers

American Honey Producers Assn. National Conference
American Beekeeping Federation National Conference
OSU / OARDC entomologists
Michigan State Beekeepers Spring Conference
Kentucky Beekeepers School
Massachusetts State Beekeeping Assn. Spring Conference
Center of Michigan Beekeepers
Central Ohio Beekeepers Assn.
Northwest Ohio Beekeepers Assn.
East Central Ohio Beekeepers Assn.
Eastern Apiculture Society Conference

Maryland State Beekeepers Assn.
New Jersey State Beekeepers Assn.
Cabell-Wayne Beekeepers, W.Va.
Capital City Beekeepers, KY
Schoolcraft Beekeepers, MI
Center of Michigan Beekeepers
West Virginia Beekeepers Fall Conf.
Little Sandy Beekeepers
Colorado State Beekeepers Winter Mtng.
Bluegrass Beekeepers
SE Indiana Beekeepers



Pollinator Stewardship Council, Inc.

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