Need A Speaker?

The Pollinator Stewardship Council is available to speak to your State and local Beekeeping Association, garden group, farm meeting, etc.  As pollination is required for one-third of the nation’s food supply, we are raising awareness about the adverse impact of pesticides on pollinators critical to the supply of food and the ecosystem.

Beekeepers have a unique partnership with farmers; working in tandem to enhance crop yield and grow food.  Farmers and beekeepers are integral to a sustainable and affordable food supply.

We offer the following presentations, with the ability to customize a presentation relevant to specific issues in your community.  We can also provide a presentation via SKYPE.

-State Pollinator Protection Plans: What Beekeepers Need to Know
-Understanding the Pollinator Crisis and How You Can Help
-Pollinator Stewardship Council Collaborations: Education, Advocacy, Action 
-Migratory beekeeping: why keeping them alive is so difficult.
-Pesticides wintering in your hives
-Mosquito Abatement Programs Can Damage Honey Bees and Native Pollinators
-Creating your own pesticide-free pollinator habitat
-Pesticide risk assessment, label, and enforcement
-Should you become a nonprofit beekeeping club?
Fundraising for Bee Clubs
-How Beekeepers Can Take Action for Local, State, and National Beekeeping Issues

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Email or call today to schedule a presentation by the Pollinator Stewardship Council.  Contact:  Michele Colopy, Program Director         832-727-9492

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