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Pollinator Stewardship Council resolutions to protect honey bees and native pollinators

Immediate actions that could be taken to support pollinator health now


  1. Native and managed pollinators are a national resource needing protection, as pollinators provide an irreplaceable service for our ecosystem in the production of high quality fruits and vegetables for our families.
  1. Pollinators must be protected all year long in every setting in order to be abundant and healthy for the essential pollination moments.
  2. Reducing pesticide exposure when pollinators are collecting nectar and pollen would improve pollinator health.  Eliminating exposure of toxic levels of pesticides applied to pollinator attractive bloom would support the nutritional needs of pollinators.
  3. Pesticide free forage is needed to support healthy and sustainable native and managed pollinators in agriculture, urban, and suburban areas.
  4. Pesticide labeling is the law, but EPA has removed the mandatory protection language.  Without mandatory protective guidelines, pollinators will be killed by pesticide misuse.
  5. EPA fails to protect pollinators, basing their decisions on politics and economics rather than credible science.  Pollinators are indicator species for the health of the environment and require stewardship.
  6. Accelerate the timeline for the re-registration decision of neonic class of pesticides.  A moratorium* must be placed on their use on bee attractive plants, until the science can be reviewed. Treated seeds must be declared a pesticide application. (*definition of “moratorium” — “a planned activity is postponed.”)


We support the Pollinator Stewardship Council’s resolutions:

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Individual beekeepers: Kevin Breth, Willie and Judy May, Steve & Terri Brock, Terry Krauss, Deborah Breth, Michelle Meyer, Steffen Cameron, Jerry and Beverly Roth, Angie Bosler, Tom Capozella, Jason Bosler, Benjamin Sunnenberg

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Lincoln County Beekeepers (Kentucky)


Join us to protect honey bees and native pollinators.  Download these Resolutions so your beekeeping association or community group can lend us their support.