Collecting evidence of your bee kill

We have attached a variety of documents to aid the beekeeper in collecting evidence of their bee kill for analysis.  For current costs of the lab analysis please contact the specific lab directly, as prices and services may change.

The attached documents are from specific sources, and provided here for your information.

Please . . .

  • follow the guidelines,
  • contact the lab prior to mailing samples, and
  • be aware of the U.S. Postal Service mailing procedures.


Most importantly, report your bee kill to the Pollinator Stewardship Council, and your State Lead Agency/ Dept. of Agriculture/Dept. of Environmental Protection, and EPA (State EPA’s, per FIFRA, do not have to report bee kills to the U.S. EPA).

 You may wish to review this information first: Sampling beehives for pesticides 

 Select an item below to print the PDF:

Beehive sampling” process and cost 

Instructions for submitting samples for pesticide analysis–Penn State

Labels for samples and mailing

Postal Service mailing guidelines

Pollen sampling protocol

USDA general instructions for sending bees to their lab

Lab Directory 5-21-12

If a laboratory provider / researcher has additional information about their process or services, please contact

 Additional information:

A Summary of Analytical Methods Used for the Analyses of Pesticide Residues in Bees and Hive Matrices

Guidance for Inspecting Alleged Cases of Pesticide-Related Bee Incidents


No pesticide exposure

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The Pollinator Stewardship Council is providing this information as a resource to beekeepers.  The Pollinator Stewardship Council does not endorse any individual lab.  Protocols for the collection of evidence of bee kills, and sampling of hive materials, surrounding foliage, etc.  may vary per analyzing laboratory; again, contact that laboratory prior to submitting your samples.


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