Beekeeping Clubs & Associations

Beekeeping Clubs / Associations

American Beekeeping Federation

American Honey Producers Association

Apimondia                                        International  

Alabama Beekeepers Association                  Alabama

Baldwin County Beekeepers Association        Alabama

Southcentral Alaska Beekeepers                    Alaska    

Beekeeping Association of Central Arizona   Arizona  

Arkansas State Beekeepers                            Arkansas

Beekeepers Guild of San Mateo County         California

Central Valley Beekeepers Association          California

Orange County Beekeepers Association        California

Partners for Sustainable Pollination               California

Sacramento Area Beekeepers Association     California

Los Angeles County Beekeepers                     California

San Francisco Beekeepers                              California

Sonoma County Beekeepers’ Association       California

California State Beekeepers Assn.                  California

Colorado State Beekeepers                            Colorado

Connecticut State Beekeepers Association    Connecticut

Delaware Beekeepers Assn.                           Delaware

Florida State Beekeepers Assn.                                Florida   

Georgia Beekeepers Assn.                              Georgia 

Hawai’i Beekeepers’ Association           Hawaii   

Treasure Valley Beekeepers Club                  Idaho     

Illinois State Beekeepers                                Illinois    

Illinois State Beekeepers Guild              Illinois  

Indiana State Beekeepers                               Indiana  

Iowa Honey Producers Association                 Iowa      

Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers                   Kansas   

Kentucky State Beekeepers                            Kentucky

Kentuckiana Beekeepers                                Kentucky

Louisiana State Beekeepers Assn.                            Louisiana

Maine Beekeepers Association             Maine    

Cumberland County Beekeepers                    Maine    

Kennebec Beekeepers Association                 Maine    

Knox Lincoln County Beekeepers                    Maine    

Sacopee Valley Beekeepers Club                   Maine    

Sagadahoc County Beekeepers                      Maine    

Somerset Beekeepers                                     Maine    

Western Maine Beekeepers Association        Maine    

York County Beekeepers Association             Maine    

Maryland State Beekeepers Association        Maryland

Massachusetts Beekeepers Association         Massachusetts

Michigan Beekeepers                                     Michigan

Minnesota Beekeepers                                   Minnesota

Mississippi Beekeeper Association        Mississippi

Missouri State Beekeepers                             Missouri

Montana State Beekeepers                            Montana  

American Beekeeping Federation                  National

American Honey Producers Association         National

National Honey Bee Advisory Board       National

Nebraska Beekeepers                                     Nebraska

Northern Nevada Beekeepers                        Nevada  

New Hampshire Beekeepers                          New Hampshire

New Jersey Beekeepers                                  New Jersey

New Mexico Beekeepers                                New Mexico

Empire State Honey Producers Assoc., Inc     New York

North Carolina State Beekeeper Association North Carolina  

North Dakota Beekeepers Association           North Dakota

Ohio State Beekeepers                                   Ohio      

Oklahoma State Beekeepers                          Oklahoma

Oregon State Beekeepers                               Oregon  

Pennsylvania State Beekeepers                      Pennsylvania

Eastern Apicultural Society                             Regional

Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research and Extension Consortium           Regional  

Rhode Island Beekeepers                               Rhode Island

South Carolina Beekeepers Association         South Carolina

Wannabee Hobby Beekeepers                       South Dakota

Tennessee Beekeepers                                   Tennessee

Texas Beekeepers                                           Texas     

Utah Beekeepers Association                         Utah      

Virginia State Beekeepers                              Virginia 

Washington State Beekeepers                        Washington

West Virginia Beekeepers                              West Virginia

Wisconsin Honey Producers                           Wisconsin

Wyoming State Beekeepers Association        Wyoming



Bee City USA

Bumble bee watch

Butterflies & moths of North America

Monarch Watch 

Xerces Society

The Great Pollinator Project

North American Pollinator Protection Campaign

Univ. of Minnesota: Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability–Pollinator Conservation

Honey Bee Research Institute and Nature Center, Inc.

High Country Conservation

Insect Pollinator Initiative

International Pollinator Initiative



U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

U.S. EPA Risk Management

U.S. Fish and Wildlife

USDA-Agricultural Research Service




Ruhl Bee Supply

Blue Sky Bee Supply

GloryBee Honey

Bees on Rapini





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